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  IVI - Intelligent Voice and Internet

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BVS - Basic Voice Solution
CVI - Converged Voice and Internet
IVI - Intelligent Voice and Internet

  IVI - Intelligent Voice and Internet

Create a virtual phone system for your business and remote offices without the overhead of an expensive PBX purchase.
Delivers Enterprise-Class features and functionality right to the desktop
Scale quickly up or down to meet staffing needs
  IVI - Intelligent Voice and Internet Pricing

Activation starts at $54.95 per month per handset. One time setup charge does apply depending on type of configuration.
Cell Phone Integration - $9.95 per month per handset
Taxes charged separately at time of service
Private network connectivity quoted separately.
QNET Services Intelligent Voice and Internet provides efficiencies for businesses with 5 to 100+ employees. It is a hosted communications solution overlaid onto a customized private network, which delivers best-in-class in voice network availability, 99.999%.
The phone system offers a full range of standard features including: Hold, Transfer, Conference Calling (6 parties), Park Extension Dialing, Speed Dials, Auto Attendant, Voicemail, etc.

- PERSONAL PHONE NUMBERS (DIDs - Direct Inward Dial)
  - Add Additional Lines/Numbers as Needed

  - "Customizable vacation messages ... etc."

  - Simultaneously ring both your desktop and cell phone

  - Voicemail delivery to your email

Avaya IP Phone
Services Requirements
QNET Services Intelligent Voice and Interent requires a QNET Services compliant telecommunications system or gateway and a private network connection.

BVS - Basic Voice Solution More Information
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