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BVS - Basic Voice Solution
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QNET Services offers a powerful new service created to bring the full promise of affordable Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony to small and mid-sized businesses.

Utilizing reliable high-speed internet networks, QNET Services sets a new standard for phone system productivity and digital clarity. QNET Services combine your local phone service, long distance, voice mail, high-speed internet, and advanced calling features into one integrated, Managed VoIP Phone Service. No more chasing multiple vendors, phone companies, and consultants.


What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Over the last several years, telecommunication networks have been changing from analog to digital technology. An IP network uses data packets to deliver higher standards of reliability and efficiency.

While residential users are sometimes satisfied with VoIP calls that route over the Internet, most business users demand the call quality, features and reliability that can only come from using a Managed IP Network that never comes into contact with the World Wide Web (Internet).

QNET calls ride on a fully managed IP network where call traffic is managed by QNET Services from end-to-end. That's why the QNET service is crystal clear and the others, using an un-managed network, can only offer a best-effort.

Why QNET Services?

QNET Services Deliver Value by:
  • Replacing separate phone and high-speed data connections with just one dynamic voice/data connection managed by QNET Services.
  • Eliminating capital investment in on-premise hardware and removing labor expense required for system maintenance and feature upgrades.
QNET Services Improve Productivity by:
  • Providing the powerful, easy to use Call Manager that allows simple call management, call logs, and many other advanced features.
  • Offering Unified Messaging which automatically converts voice messages to WAV files and forwards them to your email in-box.
QNET Services Will Save You Headaches By:
  • Delivering the benefits of business-grade VoIP without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and components.
  • Managing implementation and providing knowledgeable, local support to make sure your business gets the most from the system.
  • Providing a scaleable system. You pay only for what you use based on headcount. One simple monthly statement, one flat monthly fee.

Powerful Features

Breaks traditional phone system paradigm:
No assigned limit on number of inbound lines
No assigned limit on number of extensions
No assigned limit on number of voice mail ports
Unified Messaging (voice mail integrates with email)

Zero-maintenance phone system:
No up-front capital expenditures
No monthly capital lease expenditures
No voice mail system to maintain
No annual maintenance contracts
All firmware/software upgrades included in monthly fees
Equipment professionally maintained
Equipment located in fully redundant data center
Detailed on-line call reporting system includes long-distance billing reports
(down to originating extension)
Pristine voice quality

Eliminates communication boundaries with one enterprise system
Centralized management for multiple locations
Four-digit transfers to other locations
Rapid plug-and-play deployment
Scalable, handset deployment adjustable on a monthly basis
Workers can change locations and reassign their extensions on the fly
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