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BVS - Basic Voice Solution
CVI - Converged Voice and Internet
IVI - Intelligent Voice and Internet

Basic Service Overview basic service overview
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  1 - Main Number for Business (New or Current) per Company with Auto Attendant  
  1 - Main Number for Fax (New or Current) per Company  
  1 - DID (Direct Inward Dial) Telephone Number per Handset  
  1 - Voice Mailbox per Handset  
  1 - Backdoor Number to Retrieve Messages  
  1 - 200 Minutes Long Distance - Monthly per Handset  
  Broadband Internet Access with Managed Firewall (applies to Converged and Intelligent Voice and Internet products)  
  Fully Managed - No Hardware to Purchase (setup charges do apply)  
TELEPHONE FEATURES (Feature sets may vary. Not all features are listed.)
Abbreviated Dial (Personal and Group) Drop Mute
Auto Dial Forward (Internal and External) On Hook Dialing
Busy Lamp Indicator Headset Ready (No Base Unit Required) Outgoing Caller ID Block
Call Timer Hold Priority Call
Caller ID (Number Only) Internal Hands Free Answer Privacy
Cascaded Call Coverage (Multiple Points) Last Number Redail Telephone Lock
Conference (up tp 6 Parties) Message Lamp Transfer
Do Not Disturb Voicemail Coverage of Calls Call Logging

VOICEMAIL FEATURES (Feature sets may vary. Not all features are listed.)
1 Hour Message Storage Message PlaybackControls (Slow, Fast, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward)
Abbreviated Command Mode Multiple Personal Greetings
Copy Voice Message to POP3 Email Account New/Unheard/Saved Categories
Take No Message Mode Personal "Dial 0" Routing
Group Distribution Personal Auto Attendant (i.e. dial 1 for sales, 2 for service ... etc.)
Help Menu Priority/Private Message Delivery Options
Message Forwarding Quick Scan/Playback
Message Notification  

●   No Hardware to Purchase
●   No Hardware to Maintain
●   No Need to Hire an IT Person to Program and Manage the Phone System
●   24/7 Support which is only a 4-digit Phone Call Away
●   Secure Internet Access
●   Enterprise Business Features
●   Single Vendor Relationship for Voice and Internet Communications

●   Web Site Hosting
●   Domain Name Services
●   Web Site Marketing
●   Detailed Call Accounting Reporting
●   Multi-Media Messaging
●   Email to Speech
●   Server Hosting / Co-Location
●   Hosted and Managed VPN
●   Hosted Multi-Location WAN (Only Colorado locations currently)
●   Home Based Employee/Agent
●   Home Based Employee/Agent
●   Secure File Back-up
●   Disaster Recovery Location
●   Network Monitoring
●   Never Busy Fax
●   Fax On Demand
●   Hosted IVR Applications - Integrated with Web Site
●   Advanced Call Routing Abilities - Contact Center
●   Extension to Cellular Integration
●   Wireless Telephone Handsets
●   Computer Telephony Integration (PC Phone)

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